shape the pain into something great, disintegrate and reintegrate

let's go live like Sunday morning cartoons; grow Christmas trees from tombs

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Speak softly and carry a big—
31 March 1990

Female, twenty-one years old, hoping to major in sequential art. Currently working as a consultant at her college's writing center. Prone to silly things and spontaneous outburts. Likes sketching, roleplaying, and hiking at ungodly hours in the morning. Patient, optimistic, and introverted. Frequently procrastinates and suffers from a short attention span. Hugely interested in history and education. Favorite color is pink, unless it's black. Believes strongly in the unlimited potential of human beings.

8-bit theatre, 9, abusing commas, acting, alan wake, alice in wonderland, american mcgee's alice, animaniacs, arkham asylum, assassin's creed, avatar: the last airbender, awkward zombie, batman, beauty and the beast, black blood brothers, claymore, clover, collecting sea glass, comedy, comic books, concept art, coraline, creative writing, creepy stuff, d.gray-man, despicable me, disney, dogs: bullets and carnage, dragon knights, drawn, earthsong, earthworms, education, elfen lied, ever after, fable 2, fables, faerie tales, fall out boy, fatal frame, final fantasy, firefly, fullmetal alchemist, girl genius, glass blowing, graphic art, gurren lagann, harry potter, hellsing, history, honeydew syndrome, hunchback of notre dame, ico, illustration, inception, infinite undiscovery, inkheart, inspiration, jackals, jak and daxter, johnny the homicidal maniac, kagerou, katamari damacy, kingdom hearts, kuroshitsuji, lady gaga, looking for group, magic knight rayerth, megaman, muppet treasure island, music, neon genesis evangelion, nrftw, obscure bands, outlaw star, pan's labyrinth, panic at the disco, paprika, penny arcade, princess mononoke, procrastinating, project runway, psychopaths, rent, repo! the genetic opera, resident evil 4, role models, roleplaying, roza, rule of rose, salad days, samurai 7, samurai champloo, self exploration, shadow of destiny, shadow of the colossus, shutter island, silent hill, star trek, star wars, stardust, steampunk, stephen colbert, sucker punch, sweeney todd, talent, tenchi muyo, the daily show, the dark knight, the king's speech, the looking glass wars, the phoenix requiem, the princess bride, the wee free men, things, tim burton, tl;dr, twilight princess, urban decay, vg cats, vitamin d, weiß kreuz, westerns, white noise, wicked, witch hunter robin, world of darkness, xkcd, yami no matsuei, zombieland

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